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Welcome to IndoWestern Dance Academy by Shaily Jaiswal

IndoWestern Dance Academy offers dance classes for all age groups and skill level and teaches Bollywood, Folk, Bharatnatayam and Hip-hop dance styles. We provide Indian folk, Bollywood, Hip Hop, and other dance classes and flavors of different Indian dance styles like Bhangra, Folk Dance and traditional classical dancing. Whether you are a beginner or have experience in Bollywood dancing, this is a fun way to enjoy the cultural experience with other folks! We offer classes for all age groups.

Dance Styles

Hip hop Classes

Understand basic hip hop grooves, movement, and foot work.Know how to perform without a boring facial expression

Break Dance

We currently offer beginning break dance classes for adults, teens and children

Folk Dance

Folk dances are simple dances, and are performed to express joy and happiness among themselves. Folk and tribal dances are performed for every possible occasion, to celebrate the arrival of seasons, birth of a child, a wedding and festivals. The dances are extremely simple with minimum of steps or movement

Bollywood Dance for Kids

Bollywood dancing class for children and learn some basic dance steps and rhythms .The lessons are a fun way to get kids active and learn body movement and coordination.


We offer dance workshops for various occasions and for all age groups

Bollywood Fitness

This class is offered for maintaining an active and fit lifestyle

Dance FOR All






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Video Gallery

Best Kids dance in india
Best Kids dance
Best Kids dance



Multi Cultural dance classes for kids and adults of all ages


Bollywood Folk Dance and Hip hop classes for boys and girls of all age


Bollywood Folk Dance and Hip hop classes for boys and girls of all age

South Windsor

Multi Cultural dance classes for kids and adults of all ages


Bollywood Folk Dance and Hip hop classes for boys and girls of all age

Meet Our Director

Shaily Jaiswal

Shaily has a vast experience of more than 15 years of choreographing and teaching children and adults, she has that professional techniques & attitude,passion & energy to work with the kids and create a level of confidence in them and strengthen their skill and maturity She is enthusiast with attention to details for each student and monitors the progress of each student individually.

Meet Our Team

Break dance instructor

Hip hop instructor

Hip Hop

Break Dance

What People Say

  • Shashi

    Shaily is a creative and artistic choreographer. My daughter enjoys her classes with Shaily. I can see and feel the changes and skill level in my daughter’s capabilities for dancing. My daughter has a lots of fun in the classes while learning new dance styles and now loves to perform on the stage and has gained confidence in herself.

  • Dheepa

    My daughter joined Shaily’s dance classes and has been learning with Shaily for the past 3 years. She has now improved her dancing skills. She is very patient with the kids. I like her choreography, song selection and costume. My daughter likes her moves so much that my daughter herself practices. Her choreography is energetic and is good mix of all dance forms. My daughter won the dance completions and Shaily’s choreography was phenomenal. Now I have also joined Shaily’ s classes and am very happy about the classes

  • Shivani

    2 yrs ago, when my daughter was 5 yrs old, she joined Indo Western Dance Academy under Shaily Shaily has a strong passion for dance and teaching and is extremely patient with kids and all her students. Her choreography is challenging and the dance moves are complicated but the she works with the kids and teaches them in a very fun manner. I am very happy that my daughter is learning different forms along with getting our culture and values with Shaily.